Corduroy (also called “cord” or wale) is a sturdy, reliable and thick fabric that are being widely applied in Autumn/Winter collection. They are made of twisted fibers. The fibers are parallel to one another in ridges when it is woven. Therefore, they have a clear stripe pattern and look like they are combined with different cords.

forét Frog Shirt - Brick

forét Frog Shirt

This fabric is being widely used in the fashion industry. You can easily find corduroy pants, caps, shorts or shirts. Not only to keep you warm, they are also very durable.


Sizes of Cords

Yet, there are different sizes for corduroy as well. They are measured by the number of ridges per inch (wale size). Thus, the lower the wale number, the thicker the width of the cords.  Wale number can vary between 1.5 to 21. However, we usually make trousers or furniture with thicker wale (lower wale number) while make tops with finer and thinner wale (higher wale number). Traditionally, corduroy clothes have wale number in between 10 to 12.


Due to the texture of corduroy, it is difficult to apply pattern or print on the fabrics. Thus, they usually come with embroidery as details or decorations. Polar Skate Co have their signature Big Boy embroidery on the 93′ cords; forét embroidered its brand name and logo on their cap and shorts respectively.

Polar Skate Co. '93 Cords - Police BluePolar Skate Co. ’93 Cords


forét Raven Corduroy Cap - Dark Green

forét Raven Corduroy Cap


forét Rove Shorts - Khaki

forét Rove Shorts


forét Frog Shirt - KhakiFrog Shirt



How to tell the quality of a corduroy product? The easiest way is to feel is with your hand. The fine one usually has a soft and silky touch. They allow you to wear comfortably without irritating your skin. Furthermore, you can take a closer look at the surface of the fabrics. If you find cord or wale with uneven width, they usually have lower quality control.


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