CASIO BABY-G X Pokemon has launched a new collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BABY-G.



The watch features a “Pokemon” branded display and the graphic is 8-bit style of the Nintendo Gameboy, which is in memory of the Pokémon Blue Version video games in 1996. The watch has a hidden Pikachu – the back light (front of Pikachu) and engraved at the back of the watch (back of Pikachu).


Photo Source: G-Central

The band is enlightened by a colorful print and the band keeper is complemented by the “0:25” text – which is the Pokédex number of Pikachu and the 25th anniversary of BABY-G.

Photo Source: G-Central


And perhaps the most iconic feature will be the “Poke Ball” watch box.


The official retail price is ¥13,000 (approximately USD 120) and it will be available in November 2019.

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