Leather goods are so common that nearly everyone will have some of them – such as bags, jackets, shoes or even furniture.

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The reason of using leather is durable and the luxurious feel. Leather goods will age naturally as you use them. Their color may fade out a little bit or there might be some little marks of scratch. Yet, these are the personality of the leather goods. They look more beautiful as they age and fade. These are your own pattern – which is unique. In fact, it is similar to denim products. That is why a lot of vintage lover are craving for denim and leather goods with aged effect.

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How to Maintain Leather Goods

Although leather goods will age naturally, it is still important to maintain them properly. Below, we will show you some little tips on cleaning your leather goods without damaging them.



Water is the enemy of leather. Normally, we will not use water to clean leather goods directly as it will stain the leather or damage the color.


DO NOT USE Alcohol or bleach to clean as they damage the surface and fade the color.


If your leather goods get dirty, use a proper leather cleaner together with cloth, sponge or towel. There are a lot of proper cleaner on the market, for example, the famous shoes cleaner Jason Markk. And always avoid applying these cleaner directly on the leather. Instead, apply them on the clothes or sponge first. Then rub the leather surface gently with it.

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If you scratch the leather goods, don’t worry. Simply apply some leather cream on to a towel or soft brushes. Then rub the scratched area and the area around it gently. It will smoothen the scratch and balance the color of that area. To play safe, you can always try the cream on some non-obvious area of the leather goods first. It will make sure the cream does no damage on the color of the leather.


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Although faded color shows the beauty and history of your leather, some people just can’t stand it. If so, you may want to hire someone to repaint your leather goods. Check with your brand as some of them will provide such service, for instance, the Parisian brand Berluti.


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Keep it Dry


Last but not least, keep your leather goods in somewhere cool and away from the sunshine. As it will make them fade unevenly. Also, keep them dry to avoid mildew, especially in places with high humidity (like Hong Kong!) If you do not have a dehumidifier at home, some drying beads will do the work too.