How to remove stain? There are different types of stain – it can be mud, sauce, or yellow stain from sweat. No matter how careful you are, it’s nearly impossible to avoid stain on your clothes. But rest assured, we will share some tips to deal with different types of stains.


mud stain

Photo source: goodhousekeeping


The way to remove mud is simply using soap and water. Despite the fact that mud has a very strong color, it is actually the easiest to deal with. Simply wash your clothes normally with soap and water will solve the problem.


soy sauce stain

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For sauce, there are two method to deal with the problem. The first one is to rub the stained spot with a spoon of white sugar, then wash it with water. The second method is soak the clothes in baking soda for 10 mins. After that, clean the clothes with water.



Photo source: Cosmopolitan


Yellowing collar always happen in shirts, especially white shirt. It happens because of perspiration. The solution is using ammonia. Simply pour a spoon of ammonia solution into water. Then soak the yellowing clothes in it for a few minutes. And lastly, clean it with water.


Photo source: goodhousekeeping


Last but not least – blood stain. Just like mud, they are not as hard to clean as they look. Simply rub the spot with clean water will remove them.


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