Filippa K is a Scandinavian fashion label that is well known for its quality and minimal designs. Taking the idea of slow fashion, Filippa K seldom change the designs of its products. These products are made with premium fabrics and eternal designs that are meant to be worn for a very long time. And this time, we are introducing you the Jacquard Wool Scarf.


Filippa K Jacquard Wool Scarf - Mix blue

Mixed blue

It is densely woven with 100% lightweight wool. Thus, the scarf is very light and thin. The design features geometric jacquard pattern that looks like patchwork.


The colors include navy, black and grey. And the scarf itself is made in Italy.


Filippa K Jacquard Wool Scarf - Mix blue


The size is 40cm wide and 190 cm long. You can know more about how to tie a scarf here.

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