It’s a heartbreaking news that the famous actress Bibi Andersson past away on 11th November 2019. Bibi Andersson was a Swedish actress and she was famous for her frequent collaboration with filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Bibi Andersson was very active in the film industry and she took part in more than 60 films. And there was a planet being named after her!

bibi andersson

And it’s more than that. Even Swedish premium eyewear Sun Buddies was inspired by her. Sun Buddies developed their first collection – Bibi, which comes from the sunglasses Bibi Andersson wore in the film Persona. It was then become a great hit.


Thus, Bibi has always been Sun Buddies’ core series. They bring in new color every season to make sure the legend never dies.
Bibi Smog 1

SmogSun Buddies Bibi - Black


Bibi Black 3

Same as all Sun Buddies’ glasses, the Bibi collections are all handmade with Italian acetate.

Bibi Black 5

Furthermore, it has a classic seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple.

Sun Buddies Bibi - Smog

Also, it uses Carl Zeiss lenses which are 100% UV protection. And the lenses have different color to match the frame. For the Smog one, it uses green lenses while the black one have black lenses.

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