Why You Need ZEISS Lenses for Sunglassses

It’s Summer time and sunglasses is probably something you will wear everyday. But do you know the importance of a pair of ZEISS lenses? A good pair of sunglasses will make you fashionable and protect your eyes. However, sunglasses with low quality lenses can cause serious damages to your eyes.

Harmful UV rays

As you may know, when under bright light, your pupil constricts to limit the amount of light that enters your eye. On the other hand, the pupil dilates to allow more lights to enter when it’s dark. When you put on a sunglasses, pupil will dilates as the lenses cover the lights. Yet, if it cannot filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV), it will let your eyeball overexposes to them and cause diseases. The harmful type of UV includes Ultraviolet type B (UVB) and Ultraviolet type A (UVA). Overexposure to UVB will cause pinguecula, pterygium and snow blindness; while overexposure to UVA will cause cataracts and macular degeneration.

ZEISS Lenses

ZEISS lenses (also called Carl Zeiss lenses) is a German manufacturer founded in 1846. It is a world leading optical system developer. They are not only famous for their camera lenses, but also lenses for sunglasses.


ZEISS lenses has the capability of blocking both UVA and UVB completely. Besides, they are produced in a various of colors, making your sunglasses more colorful. Also, ZEISS lenses can reduce the sensation of glare and increase contrast of the view. It will bring you clearer vision when you walk or drive. Moreover, the anti-reflective coating on ZEISS lenses make them extremely resistant to scratch and dirt, and remain easy to clean for a very long time.

Our Collections with ZEISS Lenses

ANDJOY Store has been carrying Sun Buddies, a Swedish eye wear brand. It has a collection with stunning color and they all use ZEISS lenses. More importantly, these lenses match the color of the frame.

Lava Lamp Lifestyle

Lave Lamp



Sun Buddies Zinedine - Brown Smoke

Brown Smoke

Sun Buddies Zinedine - Melter Butter

Sun Buddeis

Sun Buddies Giorgio - Silver/Brown Smoke

All the frames are handmade and they feature a great extension of details. In this way, the sunglasses can make you both fashionable and protect your eyes at the same time.

If you are interested in Sun Buddies, don’t forget to check out their classic Bibi collection.

Inspiration from Bibi Andersson – Sun Buddies

It’s a heartbreaking news that the famous actress Bibi Andersson past away on 11th November 2019. Bibi Andersson was a Swedish actress and she was famous for her frequent collaboration with filmmaker Ingmar Bergman. Bibi Andersson was very active in the film industry and she took part in more than 60 films. And there was a planet being named after her!

bibi andersson

And it’s more than that. Even Swedish premium eyewear Sun Buddies was inspired by her. Sun Buddies developed their first collection – Bibi, which comes from the sunglasses Bibi Andersson wore in the film Persona. It was then become a great hit.


Thus, Bibi has always been Sun Buddies’ core series. They bring in new color every season to make sure the legend never dies.
Bibi Smog 1

SmogSun Buddies Bibi - Black


Bibi Black 3

Same as all Sun Buddies’ glasses, the Bibi collections are all handmade with Italian acetate.

Bibi Black 5

Furthermore, it has a classic seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple.

Sun Buddies Bibi - Smog

Also, it uses Carl Zeiss lenses which are 100% UV protection. And the lenses have different color to match the frame. For the Smog one, it uses green lenses while the black one have black lenses.

Sun Buddies CaseIf you are interested in Sun Buddiesdon’t forget to check out our previous article!

Editor’s Picks – Sun Buddies Akira

Sun Buddies Akira is one of their classic styles . This classic frame has a rounded cat-eye shape. And Sun Buddies keeps vitalizing the styles by launching different colors each season. And this season, we have them in Purple Blonde Tortoise and Ash Grey.

Akira Purple Blonde Tortoise 1

Purple Blonde Tortoise

Sun Buddies Akira - Ash Grey

Ash Grey

Sun Buddies Akira - Purple Blonde Tortoise

Sun Buddies Akira is a vintage inspired frame. It has seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple. And like all Sun Buddies’ products, they are handmade with Italian acetate.

Sun Buddies Akira - Ash Grey

Sun Buddies are also famous for their bold and eye-catching color. And there is no exception for the Akira. The tortoise pattern has a combination of brown and purple while the ash grey features Sun Buddies’ signature semi transparent accent. And they are matched with brown and black lenses respectively. Also, these lenses are from Carl Zeiss, which are 100% UV protection!

Sun Buddies Case

And of course, they all come with Sun Buddies orange faux leather case.


Shop Sun Buddies latest collection at ANDJOY now. And don’t forget to head to our previous article to know more about Sun Buddies!

Sun Buddies Giorgio – Classic Frames with Bold Colors

Sun Buddies Giorgio is a newer frame from Sun Buddies. If you know about Sun Buddies, you may be impressed by its colorful and eye catching frames. Yet, Sun Buddies take a step further and created Giorgio. It is a hybrid as it features a classic 1980’s frame with Sun Buddies’ signature color.

Sun Buddies Giorgio - Gold/Gremlin Green

Gold/Gremlin Green

Giorgio Gremin Green 3

As you can see, the sunglasses feature a classic aviator frame. However, Sun Buddies lightens it up with a sharp color – gremlin green. They make a great contrast and the green also add a great summer vibe. The frame is handmade with stainless steel and Italian Acetate.

Giorgio Gremin Green 4

Furthermore, Sun Buddies matches this sunglasses with a green carl Zeiss lenses that is 100% UV protection.

Giorgio Silver Brown 2

Silver/Brown Smoke

Another color of the Giorgio is more vintage. It has a silver temples and brown smoke temple tips.

Giorgio Silver Brown 4

Also, it matches with a light yellow Carl Zeiss lenses. The combination is perfect for vintage lovers.


If you would like to know more about Sun Buddies, you can check out our previous article or shop their latest arrivals at ANDJOY now!


Shop Sun Buddies online now at ANDJOY.

Sun Buddies Online

Sun Buddies is a premium eyewear line from Sweden. However, It is actually under the brand Très Bien.

You may be surprised by Sun Buddies’ colourful and fancy design. In fact, the very first Sun Buddies designs actually come from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in the film “Persona”. That’s how Sun Buddies’ classic series “Bibi” come from.

Sun Buddies Bibi - Black

After that, the collection become famous among the fashion industry. Sun Buddies never stop working with designers, photographers and artists, making it one of the core elements of Sun Buddies. Recently, Sun Buddies is working with Carhartt for a cross-over series – The “Sun Buddies for Carhartt WIP”.

Moreover, Sun Buddies sunglasses have delightful colour and are usually handmade. They use Italian acetate frame with 100% UV protection Carl Zeiss lens.

Shop your Sun Buddies Online now at ANDJOY, including the styles of Bibi, Akira, Ozzy, Giorgio, Eddie, and Zinedine.