Shop Riot Division Particle Shorts

Riot Division has released the new Particle Shorts in this SS20 collection. It has two different colors.

Riot Division Particle Shorts - Grey


Despite its usual black and khaki color tone, Riot Division introduces the new Grey color in this collection. The light grey color with slightly reflective layer features a more futuristic touch.


Riot Division Particle Shorts - Black



Riot Division Particle Shorts - Black


The shorts features waterproof zippers, which are all hidden. The fabric is 100% stretchable nylon that is extremely light and flexible.


Riot Division Particle Shorts - Grey



These functional shorts come with 4 pockets. Beneath the front pockets, you will find mesh for better ventilation. Hence, it is more comfortable for a hot summer day.


Riot Division Particle Shorts - Black

News – BAPE x Coach

BAPE X Coach has teamed up to release a new SS20 collection for both men and women.


bape x coach 2

Photo source: A BATHING BAPE


The collection has combined the most signature design of Coach and BAPE – by blending the BAPE’s logo into Coach’s “C” pattern. This huge collection include a wide range of products, down jackets, sweaters, caps, sneakers, cross shoulder bag and hand bags.


bape x coach 3


bape x coach 4


bape x coach 5



bape x coach

Photo source: A BATHING BAPE

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News – Aimé Leon Dore SS20

Aimé Leon Dore has just released their SS20 collection. It includes cardigans, caps, shorts, jackets, hoodies and more. This collection will lighten up your Spring with their new color of green lake.

Aimé Leon Dore SS20 2

Photo source: Aimé Leon Dore


The knit sweater features the graphic of a fisher and seagull. And the graphic is created with 8-bit style to make it even more vintage. The graphic blends into the green lake background perfectly.


Aimé Leon Dore SS20

Photo source: Aimé Leon Dore


The other knit sweater is in ocean blue, which also comes with 8-bit graphic of a fishing village.


Aimé Leon Dore SS20 3

Photo source: Aimé Leon Dore


The classic sweatshirt is clean and simple. It comes in navy with “Aimé” logo printed in lake green.

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News – Porter Classic SS20

Porter Classic has released their SS20 collection. In this collection, it features SASHIKO Linen, PC KOGIN, African Cotton and more items.

porter classic jacket 2

Photo source: Porter Classic


The linen collection remains in simple and clean design. Also, they are in Porter Classic’s signature loose fit. They are available in Black, Blue and White colors. These include Jackets, Vests and Pants.


porter classic jacket

porter classic pants

Photo source: Porter Classic


Porter Classic has included a new collection – PC KOGIN, which is similar to the previous KASURI collection. This time, it includes vest, pants, shorts and jackets.

porter classic jacket 3

Photo source: Porter Classic


African Cotton has been used in the SS20 collection, featuring the style of Chinese jacket, pants and vests. They are all in indigo patch works. For details, they are sewed with red stitching.

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News – NOAH SS20 Collection

NOAH is releasing their SS20 collections on 13th February 2020. Although NOAH emphasize they are not a sustainable brand, they are still trying their very best to use more recycle, sustainable and renewable material.


Photo Source from NOAH


In the SS20 collection, the main theme is about Imminent Threats and raise awareness to care about the world. Due to over fishing and water pollution, we may not have any fish to eat by the time of 2050. Also, we may not have any place to swim in the future if we keep polluting the ocean.




Photo Source from NOAH

Thus, NOAH has embedded these message into their designs and lookbook, hoping to raise people’s awareness and take action to protect our planet now.


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News – Cav Empt SS20 collection

Cav Empt has released the SS20 lookbook. The contemporary Japanese streetwear label was launched by BAPE lead designer SK8THING.


Cav Empt ss20 3

Photo source: Cav Empt


This collection features bold design with sharo color combination. It includes crewnecks, multi-pocket coats, wide pants, patterned jacket,nylon trousers and more.


Cav Empt ss20 4

Cav Empt ss20 5

Photo source: Cav Empt


This black flight jacket has a vintage silhouette. Yet, it has been applied with special 3M reflective fabric. The pullover and pants are also in dark green, paired with grey stripe.



Cav Empt ss20 6

Photo source: Cav Empt


The pocket coat is filled with graphic print, together with its lime base color. And the whole design is highlighted with the white zipper.

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