Porter Classic is a high quality Japanese brand. It was founded in 2007 by a father (吉田克幸) and son (吉田玲雄). They combine clothing with traditional Japanese culture. Also, they insist to use high quality fabrics for their products. Although it significantly increase their cost, the products can last for a very long time. It is their concept for the clothes to last for generations.


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Their collections include different types of fabrics – wool and Gauze, Flocky, corduroy, leather, Kasuri or Peeled Cloth.


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Photo Source: Porter Classic


Kasuri is their popular fabric. It looks like a denim with suture. The texture is soft, durable and breathable. In fact, Kasuri is a traditional Japanese crafting technique. The clothes is woven with fibers dyed specifically to create patterns and images in the fabric.

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2019.10.06 皆様こんにちは! ようやく秋の服装が楽しめる気温になって参りました! 伊勢丹店では、ピールドクロスシリーズ全て、裏が表になった仕様が発売されております! 色のコントラストがより強くでており、また違った表情が楽しめます。 詳しくは店頭またはお電話にてお問い合わせください。 表も裏もかっこいいピールドクロス、是非店頭にてお試しください! H/W WOOL KNIT BERET ¥12,000/plus tax SUPER NYLON STRETCH JACKET ¥45,000/plus tax MOLESKIN CLASSIC PANTS 2019 ¥45,000/plus tax 【ISETAN EXCLUSIVE】 PEELED CLOTH PULLOVER VEST ¥36,000/plus tax #porterclassic #porterclassicginza #porterclassicisetan #porterclassickanazawa #porterclassicnagoya

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Peeled Cloth is their latest fabric from AW19. Normally speaking, pilling is something we don’t want on clothes. Yet, Porter Classic peeled the whole fabric evenly to create a worn out and vintage effect.


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