News – Mastermind JAPAN x Greg Lauren

The collection of Mastermind JAPAN x Greg Lauren was released on 13 November 2019.

mastermind japan x greg lauren 2

Photo Source: Mastermind JAPAN



The collection features Greg Lauren’s signature “50/50” design – using patchworks and combing two contradicting fabrics on a silhouette. On the other hand, it uses the vintage denim from Mastermind JAPAN with their classic skull icon.

mastermind japan x greg lauren 4

Photo Source: Mastermind JAPAN


The washed jean is a hybrid of denim fabric and sweatpants. Also, the patchworks shows a strong contradicting style.


mastermind japan x greg lauren 3

Photo Source: Mastermind JAPAN

The hoodie is mixed with checked shirt and denim jacket, with Mastermind JAPAN’s logo on the hood.

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From SOULIVE to Setto Indigo Label

SOULIVE is a well-known clothing label in Japan. They renovate classic silhouettes with quality fabrics and color. Furthermore, they inject a lot of traditional Japanese styles and culture into their products. They also love to use patchwork on their jacket and denim collections. These designs are all made in Japan to ensure quality is up to standard.

setto indigo label logo

In Aug 2019, SOULIVE has made the announcement of changing the brand name to Setto Indigo Label. Therefore, from the AW19 collection, all the products will feature Setto Indigo Label. They will keep focusing on indigo, denim and handcraft items.


setto indigo label 2

Photo Source: Setto Indigo Label


In the previous collections, most of their products were in stunning blue color. Moreover, they pay attention into details, such as pattern lining, patchworks or vintage dyed color.


setto indigo labelPhoto Source: Setto Indigo Label


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FDMTL 2019 AW Collection

FDMTL 2019 collection has been unveiled. If you are a denim or patchwork lover, then you have probably heard of FDMTL. Tsuyoshi Gaku founded the brand in 2005. It has become a Japanese label that stands for quality clothing. Its signature design is denim patchwork with stunning Japanese blue.



In their latest collection, they have created a trailer to represent its products and visual identity – by featuring 15 individuals’ living in Tokyo.




The ones to watch in FDMTL 2019 AW collection will be the bomber jacket, which combines the design of a classic MA-1 jacket with traditional Japan blue color. Also, it features FDMTL’s signature Sashiko patterns, patchworks, Jacquard weaving, digital printing and embroidery.