We like Scandinavian designs and brands. When it comes to Scandinavian shoes makers, we have to mention the Finnish brand Karhu. Their sneaker has an iconic “M” logo and an extensive choices of colors.

The idea of Karhu was actually formed in 1916 in Finland by the company Ab Sport Artiklar, which logo was a bear. They were expert in producing sport wears such as javelins and skis. Soon they realized that their products had the advantage of lighter weight and higher flexibility. These allowed athletes to preform better. They then started to develop running shoes and changed the company name to Karhu, which means “bear” in Finnish. Their high quality products allowed them to be Finland’s official equipment provider for all Olympic games.

Fulcrum Technology and EVA Midsole

Yet, Karhu didn’t just stop there. Instead, they put efforts in innovations and teamed up with the University of Jyväskylä to develop the “Fulcrum” technology”. As a result, This Scandinavian running shoes are able to reduce vertical bounce by 13%, compare to other traditional shoes with air cushion.

Linnut Pack Fusion2.0 Lunar Rock/Muted Clay Linnut Pack Synchron Blue Coral/Glazed Ginger

It’s also worth knowing that Karhu’s designs are inspired by the Finnish nature. Karhu‘s recent SS18 “Linnut Pack” designs are actually based on birds you can find in Finland, including Red-Flanked Blue Tail, Hawk Owls, Siberian Jays and White-Tailed Eagles.
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