We have already introduced the idea of minimalist fashion in the previous article. And it’s worth a while to talk about how to dress minimal and light in this Autumn. Check out our mix and match and inspiration from the Scandinavian clothing labels.


Looking for something smart casual? Check out the outfit from Filippa K. With a classic Scandinavian minimal design, they are subtle and neat. And you can enhance the layer by putting a scarf on. And don’t forget to check out different ways to tie a scarf.

Filippa K Jean-Paul Linen Shirt - Off White


NN07 is another Scandinavian brand that elaborates minimalism in a more playful way. This season, they have the Ed Block Wool Sweater that is made with three different colors and texture.


NN07 Ed Block Wool Sweater - Navy Block


Moreover, their Bumber Jacket with Boiled Wool is also light and clean enough for a minimalist Autumn.


NN07 Boiled Bomber Jacket


Looking for sneakers with minimal designs? Check out the eco friendly footwear from Good News.