Garment Dye is one of the dyeing methods. And it is the most extensive one because it dyes fabrics with a softer and vintage touch. Besides, it eliminates nearly 99% of garment’s shrinkage and keep your clothes remain in the same size.


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This method is usually applied to white or raw plain fabric. In the process, the garment is put in a dyeing machine. These machines work on the principle of “moving textile material with stationary dyeing liquor”. There are two rotating drums in the machine, the outer drum contains the dyeing liquor while the inner one contains fabrics to be dyed. The inner drum rotates slowly and the garment will be dyed. Usually, it is the last step of the manufacturing process, clothes are dyed after they have been knitted and embroidered. During the dyeing process, the fabric will go through the wash and dry process twice. That’s why it will take out most of the shrinkage in the fabrics. They will then go through inspection and labeling.


Kuro Denim

Kuro Dyed Wash Tee

Kuro Dyed Wash Tee (Playful Jeep) - Khaki


Although shrinkage is not a concern for garment dyed products, you should be careful with the cleanser. They should not contain alcohol as it will damage the color.


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