Organic T-Shirt from forét

This Summer, we have more organic T-shirt for you. One of our favourite Scandinavian brand – forét, has vitalized their classic log T-shirts with more colors.


forét has a mortal of “slow down and go offline”. In fact “forét” actually means forest in French. And it is inspired by the founders’ adventurous memory from the forest. Now let’s move on to see where their adventure lead us this Summer.

forét Log T Shirt - White - Blue


forét Log T Shirt - Dark Green - Copper


forét Log T Shirt - Navy/Olive


forét Log T Shirt - Black/Brick


forét Log T Shirt - White - Blue

The log T-shirt features elevated terry logo (forét). The terry letters has lifted up the minimal design by enhancing the texture. The popped up letters are also in contrary color to make the T-shirt more eye-catching. This season, forét introduces two more color – blue on white and orange on green.  The T-shirt itself is regular fit with a crew neck. It is an organic T-shirt as it is made of 100% organic cotton. And they are all crafted from a factory in Portugal.


forét products have a consistent clean design. However, they have injected their own elements to make them special. Thus, you can easily mix and match their clothing as your daily outfit. We love matching them with other Scandinavian brands as well.

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki

Above, we have paired the organic T-shirt with NN07’s miyagi shirt with shorts and sneaker from Filippa K.

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Editor’s Picks – NN07 Mauro Print Tee

If you are looking for a T-Shirt with clean design this summer, why don’t take a look at NN07 Mauro Print Tee?

The Danish brand traveled to Cape Town for their SS19 collections. Being inspired by this colorful and energetic place, NN07 has lightened up their collection with some new designs and color.

NN07 Mauro Print 3421 Tee - Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose

The Mauro Print Tee is a new design from NN07. It features their classic T-Shirt cutting and is made of 100% cotton. Thus, it is soft and “breathable”.  On top of that, NN07 lightens it up with their huge “dot logo”. This irregular shaped dot is a signature of NN07. This makes the Mauro Print Tee special as NN07 seldom put their dot logo in such an eye-catching size.


When it comes to color, NN07 uses a new color “dusty rose”. It is a darker pink color with a soft and natural tone. And indeed, it has a very strong summer vibe.


NN07 Mauro Print 3421 Tee - White


If you are looking for something more subtle and clean. The white color can be your choice as it is easy to match. And it has a clean and fresh touch. It also has a stronger contrast with the blue dot.

NN07 Mauro Print 3421 Tee - White

NN07 Mauro Print 3421 Tee - Dusty Rose

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Polar Skate Tee – Trashcan and 69 Fill logo

Polar Skate tee is always a popular item, especially their graphic tee. They are designed by different people from the Polar Skate team each season and feature different styles.

However, they do have a common ground – bright color tone and playful design. And Polar Skate have put these designs onto their tee with quality CMYK graphic print, which works better with brighter color. And the tee itself is crafted in the Portugal.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White


The Trashcan design is from Jacob Ovgren, who is a Swedish skate artist. He likes to feature the idea of “sex” in his artwork. And if you take a closer look at this trashcan, there is a naked lady on the milk. The design is full of Jacob’s favourite “child-like” characteristics.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White

Also, there is a smaller graphic on the chest. It is Polar Skate’s style to put a large graphic at the back and a smaller one on the chest.

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

69 Fill Logo

The 69 Fill Logo is from by Tynan Kerr, an artist from Los Angeles. Tynan uses a lot of unconventional materials and patterns in his artwork. If you look at the background of the logo, you will find a lot of pattern in different shapes, like square, check, and lines. And there is a large “R” in the graphic, which refers to Polar Skate.

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

At the front, it has a Polar Skate logo.


If you would like to know more about Polar Skate tee and their products, you can refer to our previous article for more information.