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RETROSUPERFUTURE Giusto Sunglasses is one of RSF’s timeless design.

RETROSUPERFUTURE Giusto Sunglasses - Black


RETROSUPERFUTURE Giusto Sunglasses - Black


The square acetate frame and geometric lenses are inspired from the iconic eyewear from the 1950s. Yet, RSF improved it with a low nose-bridge for better fitting.


RETROSUPERFUTURE Giusto Sunglasses - Black


RSF Giusto features a thick and sturdy acetate rims. Also, it has golden wording details in the frame. The frame is handmade in Italy.


RETROSUPERFUTURE Giusto Sunglasses - Black


Moreover, it has the signature “RSF” engraving on the joint point.


The Giusto features a color matching black lenses, which come from ZEISS and has a 100% UV protection.

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RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato collection is always one of their essentials designs. And in this season, they come with 3 different colors.

RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato Sunglasses - Black


RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato Sunglasses - Purple


RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato Sunglasses - Silver Ombre

Silver Ombre

The Sabato collection features acetate frame with an oversized designs that come from the athletes in the 1970s. They also has a squared geometries designs with thick rims.


RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato Sunglasses - Purple


The all black one one comes with a black acetate frame and lenses. And the purple one has a transparent acetate frame with acid purple lenses that has a silver fading effect. The Silver Ombre has a black acetate frame with silver fading lenses.


RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato Sunglasses - Black


For datails, RETROSUPERFUTURE Sabato Sunglasses also has their signature details – the RSF logo on the rims, where you can see when folding the sunglasses. And of course, they are all hand made in Italy and equipped with 100% UV protection Carl ZEISS lenses.



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Shop RETROSUPERFUTURE Medea Sunglasses

RETROSUPERFUTURE Medea Sunglasses is one of the new design this season. The Medea is different from their other collections as it has a metal frame instead of acetate. RETROSUPERFUTURE Medea Sunglasses - Black

Black RETROSUPERFUTURE Medea Sunglasses - Silver Ombre

Silver Ombre


The silhouette is inspired from the vintage metal frame. Yet, RSF has upgraded it with an oversized lenses and they are equipped with a sturdy nose-bridge for better comfort and fit. All the frames are hand made in Italy and the lenses are all UV protection Carl ZEISS lenses.


The RETROSUPERFUTURE Medea comes in two colors – a golden frame matched with a contradicting black color lenses; and the silver Ombre – a silvery frame with an unique “silver fading” lenses.


RETROSUPERFUTURE Medea Sunglasses - Silver Ombre


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A COLD WALL x RETROSUPERFUTURE has released a collaboration. Based on the silhouette of the Italian eyewear label, A COLD WALL has added their own touch and color into it.

a-cold-wall x retrosuperfuture 3

Photo source: A-COLD-WALL*


This sunglasses feature a marble matte acetate frame. And like other glasses from RETROSUPERFUTURE, all the frames are hand made in Italy.


Photo source from A-COLD-WALL*


A COLD WALL x RETROSUPERFUTURE glasses also feature Carl ZEISS lenses. This stunning blue lenses are 100% UV protection.


a-cold-wall x retrosuperfuture 5

Photo source from A-COLD-WALL*

Moreover, it comes with a recycled leather case. Also, it has digitally-printed microfiber cloth for cleaning the lenses. The official price is EUR 260 and is available at A-COLD-WALL*.


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News – Where to Shop Retrosuperfuture

Looking for where to shop Retrosuperfuture? The Italian eyewear label is coming online to ANDJOY Store next week. Stay tuned and be the first to get a touch on these made in Italy fashion wear.


retrosuperfuture augusto 2

Photo source: Retrosuperfuture



Retrosuperfuture or RSF, was founded in 2007. It is famous for its combination of trendy looking frame with color popping lenses. They are well known for quality as well – all the frames are handmade in Italy.


In the SS20, there is a new reinterpretation of an RSF classic – Augusto. The Augusto is an unisex style that features a sophisticated acetate frame with milled rims around the lenses and sleek. It also features lightweight temples,  a crystal acetate frame and bottle green lenses.


retrosuperfuture augusto

retrosuperfuture medea silver ombre

Photo source from Retrosuperfuture

For metal frame lover, check out the Medoa. It is a timeless oversized sunglasses in silvery with lightweight construction. The sleek metal frame is matched with cloudy rectangular lenses.

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