Editor’s Pick – PREGIS Levy

PREGIS is a new footwear brand from London. It was launched in 2018 and they have designed a series of contemporary premium sneakers. PREGIS Levy is one of the styles in thier FW19 collection.

PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Tan


PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Grey



It has a subtle and clean look but it features a lot of details:



The upper is made of patented technical fabric, calf leather and suede. Moreover, it has a tag with 3M material.


PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Grey

Also, Levy is a more a functional sneakers and the outsole is made from Vibram, which gives better protection and grip.


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The Trend of Oversized Sneakers

When we talk about oversized sneakers, it doesn’t mean to wear sneakers with a few sizes up. They refer to sneakers with an exaggerated sole to create a larger silhouette in visual. These shoes usually have upper and insole just like your normal sneakers. Yet, the sole is “enlarged”, both in height and width.


oversized sneaker

Photo Source: Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen is the pioneer of oversized sneakers. In 2015, they launched their first oversized shoes with exaggerated rubber soles. The design revitalized traditional leather trainers with modern technology. The sole makes a contrasting look on the sneakers and serve as a very comfortable cushion. As a result, it become a great hit.


triple s trainers

Photo Source: Balenciaga


After 2 years, Balenciaga also launched their own oversized sneakers with even bolder designs. The sole is larger and combined with 3 layers. It requires more procedures and skills to mold the sole. The vintage effect and color combination also makes it one of a kind.


In fact, the huge sole of an oversized sneaker can create a visionary impact to make you look taller and slimmer.

PREGIS Ainsley Leather Runner Sneaker - Grey Beige

Feeling interested in oversized sneakers? Don’t forget to check out our latest arrivals from PREGIS. A contemporary footwear brand from London. Read our previous articles to know more about their designs and collections.