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A Hybrid for Your Wardrobe – Kuro Shirt Jacket

Kuro shirt jacket is the hybrid of shirt and jacket. Shirt jacket, or shacket, is designed for you to use as a outerwear. However, it is not clumsy as a jacket as it has the cutting of a shirt. Unlike the thick and warm shirt jacket, Kuro shirt jacket is designed for you to wear in Spring / Summer.


It is worth mentioning that Kuro uses zip instead of buttons for this shirt, which makes it stands out of the collections.

Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - Beige


Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - Beige

Like a shirt, it has two high quality buffalo cuff buttons on the sleeves.

Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - Beige

The zippers are two-ways. You can zip up or down the shirt to wherever position you prefer.

Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - Beige

In fact, Kuro shirt jacket is suitable for even hot Summer because of its fabrics. Although it is 100% cotton, the fabrics are woven densely with low fine string. It makes it “paper-thin” and very breathable. And it comes with the advantage of extra light weight. You will barely feel the weight when you put it on.

Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - Beige

And of course, all Kuro’s products are made in Japan with quality guaranteed.

Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - Beige

There are also two flap pockets at the front to store your belongings. And if you don’t like the flap, you can also hide it inside the pocket.

Kuro Zip Up Shirt Jacket - BeigeThe beige color is simple and clean. With Kuro’s classic drop shoulder and loose fitting, this shirt jacket will shine your outfit the Summer.


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Made in Japan Denim Shirt – Stevenson Overall Co.

In this article, we will talk about the denim shirt from Stevenson Overall Co., a vintage Japanese brand. In the previous article, we have talked about the Cody denim shirt. And now we will move on to the trigger shirt,


Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 1


At the first glance, you may think that it looks very similar to the cody shirt. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that there are a few differences. First of all, the chest pocket on trigger only has one button while cody has two. Besides, cody has four buttons on the sleeves while trigger only has three. You may notice that the trigger denim shirt has less buttons than the cody shirt as it is designed for a more relaxed style.

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 6

Also, like other shirts from Stevenson Overall Co., it uses Belnap stone snap buttons. Belnap is a famous buttons manufacture under YKK. Their stone buttons have a beautiful color and excellent hold power.

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 7

At the back, the arched design of the collar shape matches with the back yokes.


And the denim shirt is made of zimbabwe cotton, a rare and high quality material. If you want to know more about zimbabwe cotton, head to our previous article for more information!

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 9

And it is slim fit. You can easily wear it as a outer shirt with sneakers and trousers.

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Olive 1


If you are looking for something brighter this Summer, take a look at the Olive color. Stevenson Overall Co. has just introduced this color in the Summer collection.Unlike the indigo denim shirt, it is made of linen blend twill (Cotton 70% Linen 15% Ramie 15%).

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Olive 5

It also uses Belnap stone snap buttons but in a more milky color.

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Stevenson Overall Co. Trousers – Vintage Work Pants

If you are a vintage workwear lover, you should take a look at Stevenson Overall Co. trousers.  This time, we are going to introduce you the Freelander Trousers.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander长裤-木炭石南灰

Freelander Trousers – Charcoal Heather

The design of this trousers come from vintage work pants. And like the Huntsman vest we have introduced in the previous article, it is made with wool cotton twill. You can actually wear them as a set together.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander长裤-木炭石南灰

The trousers feature two different back pockets – one with button closure and the other one without.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander Trousers - Charcoal Heather

Also, there are two adjustable belts on two sides. And they are applied with sliver detailed buckles. You can tighten it up for better fitting. Furthermore, it has pant loops for wearing belt.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander Trousers - Charcoal Heather

The trousers are already folded up. Of course, you can always roll it up a little bit more for better fitting and styling.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander長褲-木炭石南灰

The cutting is a bit loose. It allows you a degree of flexibility for work.

*The Model is 176cm tall with 30′ waist and wears size 29