We believe YKK zippers is no stranger to you, as they appear on a wide range of products, including backpack, trousers, and jeans. Indeed, a lot of brands and designers love to use YKK zippers. As using them is a symbol of quality. Zippers are usually the most unnoticeable part on a garment. However, a malfunctioning zipper can destroy the whole garment and make it unwearable. Thus, brands and designers usually use zippers from trust-worthy manufacturer.


The YKK Group

YKK group is a manufacturer from Japan. It is now the world’s largest fastening products manufacturer. Also, it produces other fastening products apart from zippers, including architectural products, plastic hardware and industrial machinery. The name YKK stands for Yoshida Kōgyō Kabushiki gaisha.


Photo Source: YKK showroom


Founded in Tokyo, the company has a long history dated back to 1934. At the beginning, all zippers were hand made until 1950, when a chain machine was imported from the U.S. Hence, it allowed automation in the production process and enhanced the quality and quantity.


In 1959, they opened up their first oversea factory in New Zealand. In 1966, a new product YZip was introduced, which is stronger and more durable. It gave them good reputation and they expanded the factory to Canada in 1968. And til now, they are running business in 71 countries.


Want Les Essentiels Lifestyle Mobile


YKK zippers are being widely applied, from small to large brands, such as, Uniqlo, NN07, Monitaly, WANT les Essentiels and Filippa K.


WANT Les Essentiels Dresden Structured Tote - Silt


Quality and Reliability

The reasons of using YKK zippers are their durability and high quality. They are available in a wide range of colors and styles. For example, the two color tones zipper for WANT Les Essentiels Dresden Structured Tote. Moreover, they never compromise on quality to meet lower price. In fact, they change their company structure to meet their aim – to produce quality zippers with cheaper price. YKK is completely vertically integrated. It means they have control on every aspects and cost of the business, from smelting the metal to package the end products. As a result, they always ship their orders on time without failure.


Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Stripe

Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants


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