This is the first collaboration between Dr. Martens x Hender Scheme. Dr. Martens is a famous British footwear brand that specialized on boots. On the other hand, Hender Scheme is a Japanese leather expert. In fact, Hender Scheme has been teamed up with Adidas earlier to create a collection of leather sneakers. This time, the cross-over collection will be based on Dr. Martens’ 1461 model and they will be available on 28th Sep 2019.


One of the color features Hender Scheme’s signature natural vegetable tanned leather and named as “manual industrial products 21”. They are crafted in Hender Scheme’s factory in Japan and the leather will age and darken upon usage to deliver a vintage touch.


Photo source: Hender Scheme’s instagram


Also, the other homage collection features a classic 1461 that is made in England. This shoes feature classic Dr. Martens’ yellow stitching with black leather upper. What’s really special is the removable leather kiltie adorns the laces. It comes with two color – Hender Scheme’s light brown leather and black leather. You can replace it as you like and there are also two colors of shoelaces with the same accent.


Photo source: Hender Scheme’s instagram


If you are interested in the collaboration, head to Hender Scheme’s website for more details.


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