Summer Wear

Editor’s Picks – Moreno Espadrille

In this season, Canadian accessories maker WANT LES ESSENTIELS has launched a new sandals collection – Moreno Espadrille.

Moreno Espadrille Sandal Black-Jute 1


This luxury sandal is made in Portugal with 100% calf leather upper and 100% leather lining

Moreno Espadrille Sandal Black-Jute 7

For extra comfort, it has a piece of soft leather pad with the word of “WANT LES ESSENTIELS”.

Moreno Espadrille Sandal Black-Jute 6

For design, it uses natural jute footbed. It is different from the previous season and it looks more attractive. At the same time, it delivers a summer vibe and is more comfortable for you to wear in a hot and sunny day.

It has adjustable heel strap with nickel buckle. Therefore, it won’t slip off easily when you walk.

Moreno Espadrille Sandal Black-Jute 3

There is a rubber sole under the natural jute footbed. It makes it more durable and water resistant. Also, it gives you more grip when you walk.


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Polar Skate Tee – Trashcan and 69 Fill logo

Polar Skate tee is always a popular item, especially their graphic tee. They are designed by different people from the Polar Skate team each season and feature different styles.

However, they do have a common ground – bright color tone and playful design. And Polar Skate have put these designs onto their tee with quality CMYK graphic print, which works better with brighter color. And the tee itself is crafted in the Portugal.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White


The Trashcan design is from Jacob Ovgren, who is a Swedish skate artist. He likes to feature the idea of “sex” in his artwork. And if you take a closer look at this trashcan, there is a naked lady on the milk. The design is full of Jacob’s favourite “child-like” characteristics.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White

Also, there is a smaller graphic on the chest. It is Polar Skate’s style to put a large graphic at the back and a smaller one on the chest.

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

69 Fill Logo

The 69 Fill Logo is from by Tynan Kerr, an artist from Los Angeles. Tynan uses a lot of unconventional materials and patterns in his artwork. If you look at the background of the logo, you will find a lot of pattern in different shapes, like square, check, and lines. And there is a large “R” in the graphic, which refers to Polar Skate.

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

At the front, it has a Polar Skate logo.


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