Our Selected Summer Shirts with Lyocell Fabrics

Since it is June already, we have decided to talk about some causal Summer shirts this time. If you are familiar with ANDJOY, then you probably know the Copenhagen based NN07. They focus on producing sustainable clothing with minimal design. What’s more, they are willing to try different fabrics to make their clothes special.


The Summer shirts from NN07 are called Miyagi, which is designed for a hot Summer day and it has a relaxed fitting.

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - Olive

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - True Blue

True Blue
NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - WhiteWhite

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - True Blue

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - White

And this season, NN07 geared up the Miyagi Summer shirts with a mixture of linen and lyocell (70% and 30% respectively). Of course, linen is a popular fabric for Summer. But how much do you know about lyocell?


Lyocell is actually a high tech eco-friendly man made fiber. The wool pulp to produce lyocell is chosen from sustainable tree farms. They will then be processed in a closed-loop system with the use of nanotechnology. The system will dissolve all emission and waste.

NN07 miyagi Summer Shirts

Now you know how they are produced. But what’s so special about lyocell and why are they more expensive than other sustainable fabrics?


Like we have mentioned, the production process dissolve all waste and emission. Also, lyocell is 100% Biodegradable.

Moisture Absorbent

Lyocell is “breathable” and has 50% more moisture absorbent than cotton. The moisture management also makes it anti-bacterial.


As it has stronger absorbency, it is allowed to be dyed to a higher quality.


Since lyocell is made with nanotechnology, it is extremely soft and lightweight. However, it is also very durable at the same time. More than that, it’s wicking ability also makes it a good fabric for people with sensitive skin.

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - True Blue

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - Olive

And NN07 has been working with a famous Lyocell producer – TENCEL. TENCEL is a leading lyocell producer in the field and they are famous for their quality and experience in combining lyocell with other fabrics (linen in the case of NN07 Miyagi Summer shirts). It will gives the clothes a long lasting softness, greater strength and gentleness to the skin.


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Stevenson Overall Shirt – Japan Made Vintage Wear

Stevenson Overall shirt is definitely one of our favourite vintage wear. This time, we will talk about their classic Smith shirt and Cody shirt.

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 2

Smith Shirt – Indigo

To start with the Smith shirt, it is a classic work shirt with a slim cut and two chest pockets. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the double layer on the shoulder. The back yoke also has a round cut down to enhance your mobility. The shirt itself is in stunning faded indigo as the chambray fabric was made with indigo-dyed yarn in Japan.

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 4

Furthermore, you will find Stevenson Overall applies vintage effects on the metal button. Thus the buttons are in indigo blue with a natural worn out looking.

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 6

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 8

There are also eyelets all along the back yoke and armpits. They are woven with vintage machine and stands out with a contrary green color.

Stevenson Overall Co. Cody Shirt - Indigo 2

Cody Shirt – Indigo

Stevenson Overall Co. Cody Shirt - Faded Indigo 2

Cody Shirt – Faded Indigo

When it comes to the Cody shirt, it is no doubt one of the signature pieces from Stevenson Overall Co. They are also in slim cut with two chest pockets. However, they are in different shape that gives a more classy and vintage look. The chest pockets also have two press buttons. It has two layers on the should and the front yoke goes down to the chest like an arrow while the back yoke cuts down in a v shape. It gives you a rigid slim fit outlook. As for material, it is Zimbabwe Cotton, which is extremely soft and smooth to wear with.

Stevenson Overall Co. Cody Shirt - Faded Indigo 6

Besides, there are four buttons on the sleeve. And all the beautiful stone buttons from a Japanese company – Belnap.

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Corduroy Collection – forét Frog Shirts with Rove Shorts

forét Frog Shirts is one of their classic collections. forét like using earth tone to reflect its Eco-clothing and childhood adventure in the forest.

forét Frog Shirt - Army


forét Frog Shirt - Brick


forét Frog Shirt - Khaki



Those Frog Shirts are made in Portugal with 100% Cotton. They have a clean Scandinavian touch without any exaggerating designs. Yet, the quality of the fabrics already made a statement for the shirt.

forét Frog Shirt - Khaki

Also, if you take a closer look, you will find the brand name “forét” on the mother of pearl buttons.

forét Rove Shorts - Khaki


In Summer Spring 2019 collection, forét also introduces Rove Shorts, which has the same corduroy material and can be paired with the Frog Shirts.

forét Rove Shorts - Khaki

It has a logo embroidered on the corduroy fabric.

forét Rove Shorts - Khaki

And it has elastic waistband, which makes you feel more comfortable. And the black color is also a good choice for you to match easily.

forét Rove Shorts - Black 1

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