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Print Tee Myth – Screen Printing

Today, we will talk about the production of print tee – with the technology of screen printing. So first of all, let’s start with what’s screen printing means.

Screen printing

It is actually an old technique that was developed by the Chinese even before the early 1900’s. It is a process of transferring ink onto a substrate with a mesh. A stencil (which is also called the screen) is used to block parts of the design you want to print. By applying one color at a time and with several screens with different stencil to block different parts of the designs, you can print a multi-color graphic on a tee.


It does sound like a process that requires a lot of hard work. Do we have any other faster solution in the 21st Century? Yes, the alternative is digital printing. It processes the graphic designs with a computer and print the graphic directly onto the tee with a digital printer – a complicated machine with many tiny nozzles.


Despite the high tech of digital printing, screen printing is still being widely used instead. It is because you can apply a thicker layer of ink in screen printing. As a result, the graphic has a better touch and look. It also works better on dark tee, specialty products or graphic with a complicated designs. And more importantly, The screen printing process involves man instead of machine – which gives more uniqueness and characters to the print tee.

The End Products

Polar Skate Co. , a famous Swedish street wear brand, also uses screen printing to produce their print tee. All their graphic tees are manufactured in a factory in Portugal.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White

Trashcan Tee

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

69 Fill Logo Tee

Thus, you will find their graphic with a very thick touch and bright color. The graphic also features a lot of details and patterns as well, thanks to fine quality of screen printing.


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Polar Skate Tee – Trashcan and 69 Fill logo

Polar Skate tee is always a popular item, especially their graphic tee. They are designed by different people from the Polar Skate team each season and feature different styles.

However, they do have a common ground – bright color tone and playful design. And Polar Skate have put these designs onto their tee with quality CMYK graphic print, which works better with brighter color. And the tee itself is crafted in the Portugal.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White


The Trashcan design is from Jacob Ovgren, who is a Swedish skate artist. He likes to feature the idea of “sex” in his artwork. And if you take a closer look at this trashcan, there is a naked lady on the milk. The design is full of Jacob’s favourite “child-like” characteristics.

Polar Skate Co. Trashcan Tee - White

Also, there is a smaller graphic on the chest. It is Polar Skate’s style to put a large graphic at the back and a smaller one on the chest.

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

69 Fill Logo

The 69 Fill Logo is from by Tynan Kerr, an artist from Los Angeles. Tynan uses a lot of unconventional materials and patterns in his artwork. If you look at the background of the logo, you will find a lot of pattern in different shapes, like square, check, and lines. And there is a large “R” in the graphic, which refers to Polar Skate.

Polar Skate Co. 69 Fill Logo Tee - White

At the front, it has a Polar Skate logo.


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