Nigel Cabourn is a British designer. He started his own brand when he was 20 years old. After a few years, he started to collect vintage military wear, sports clothes, expedition gear, work wear and old books.


Nigel Cabourn

Photo Source: Nigel Cabourn


Every pieces he designed are inspired by some historical moments, great person or some vintage garments.


Nigel Cabourn 2

Photo Source: Nigel Cabourn


Moreover, some of his most signature military designs are inspired by the military wear in the Vietnam War and WW II. He has combined the details and advantages of both American and British military wear.


He said that American army jacket are more functional, for example, more pockets. On the other hand, British’s ones are more classy in terms of designs. Thus, he has combined both types and created a new military style.


Photo Source: Nigel Cabourn

Now, Nigel Cabourn is famous for its military designs and he has been working with many other clothing labels like TIMEX, Mihara Yasuhiro and so on.

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