nanamica x Reebok have teamed up for a collection of sneakers, jackets, tees and pants. This collection has been released on 30 Nov 2019.

The designs of the sneakers are based on Reebok’s 80s masterpiece – “Alien Stamper” and the silhouette of classic German trainers. These leather trainers have a velcro flip. Moreover, these minimal designs are lightened up with nanamica’s blue, navy, black and white. Furthermore, the sneakers features traditional Reebok’s gum sole with excellent grip. And they come with an unique naamica x Reebok shoes bag.



nanamica x Reebok sneakers

nanamica x Reebok sneakers2

Photo Source: nanamica


nanamica x Reebok pants

Photo Source: nanamica


The pants is based on the silhouette of a 90’s track pants. Yet, the length has been redesigned to ankle long.

nanamica x Reebok jacket

Photo Source: nanamica

The jacket features 100% corduroy. And it is inspired by traditional British sportswear style. It has a navy and black color tone with Reebok’s classic “vector” logo over shoulder and chest.

nanamica x Reebok tee

Photo Source: nanamica

The Tee also features Reebok “vector” logo with nanamica’s katakana box logo.

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