The collection of Kith x Disney x Converse is to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday. The collection come in three styles, all taking the base of Converse 1970’s Chuck Taylor.


Kith x Disney x Converse

Photo Source: Kith


The first one is also the most classic one. Using Converse’s signature off white color with duck canvas upper. On the upper, you will find Mickey Mouse’s color prints that feature Mickey Mouse’s appearances in different time.


Kith x Disney x Converse 2

Photo Source: Kith


The second one comes in black leather. The top eyelets are red and silver. And you will find Mickey Mouse in different action and customs all around the upper.


Kith x Disney x Converse 3


The last one features a shaggy wool upper. It does not has any Micky Mouse prints. Yet, it uses blocked red and black (the original color of Mickey Mouse) to turn the whole Chuck Taylor into an invisible Mickey Mouse.


All styles feature the co-branded logos of the trio on the side and heel of the rubber sole.


The Kith x Disney x Converse collection will be available on November 18th at all Kith shops and

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