45R is a Japanese clothing label that was set up in 1978. And Sunspel is a British heritage brand since 1860. The two brands have been working together on a collection for Sunspel’s 160th anniversary. In this 45R x Sunspel collection, there are various tees and scarves.


sunpel tee

Photo source: Sunspel



This print tee features sun and cloud print. Also, it has the co-branding “SUNSPEL & 45R”. The print comes in 45R’s style of aquarelle.



sunpel tee 3Photo source: Sunspel


Another print tee comes in beige and white colors, which features “S” and “R” for patterns.


sunpel tee 2Photo source: Sunspel



The last set comes in navy and beige, which features sun and waves print.


sunpel scarf

sunpel scarf 2

Photo source: Sunspel


As for scarves, there are navy and green, which also has a matrix of “S” and “R” pattern in aquarelle.