News – 100 Years of Champion

Champion is celebrating their 100th anniversary with the  Global Collectives “For The Team” Campaign. Starting from 1919, they have been producing authentic athletic apparel. And there is only one thing they would like to share – Team spirit.

champion 100 Tee

Photo Source: Champion 100

“Team” is a very broad definition, it comes across industries and sectors, including art, music, fashion and technology… No matter which sectors your team is in, use the hashtag #CHAMPION100 to get featured. Meeting the crews, clubs and communities defining what it means to be a champion in 2019.


champion 100 Hoodie

Photo Source from Champion 100

And the Champion 100 collection includes T-shirt, Hoodie, Pants, Sweatshirt and Cap. It features the Champion logo with the number “100”. Also, It has a small Champion 100 tag on waist.

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News – Champion x Hebru Brantley

To celebrate Champion’s 100th anniversary, they have teamed up with Hebru Brantley, a Chicago based artist. The Champion x Hebru Brantley collection will take the silhouette of Champion’s classic Reverse Weave Hoodie and Crew.


The collection features two sets of graphic, Hebru Brantley explained that he is glad to see his designs “on fabric instead of on a canvas”.


Champion x Hebru Brantley

Photo source: Champion


The crew features his signature use of pop-art and basketball-inspired graphics with a distinct urban edge.


Champion x Hebru Brantley

Photo source: Champion


On the other hand, the hoodie features a particular image came from Hebru’s work on paper called ADHD. As he explained, that’s what it feels like to struggle with focusing, it’s like wearing multi-color 3D glasses and trying to work.



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News – Champion × BEAMS

Champion × BEAMS has released a new collection. In this FW19 collection, it has jackets and cardigans in cream and purple.


champion x beams purple 2

Photo source: BEAMS


The collection features relaxed and drop shoulder fit. They have a neat and clean designs that are enhanced by quality fabrics. The cardigans have a small Champion logo on chest with purple press button.


champion x beams purple

Photo source: BEAMS


On the other hand, the jackets are loose fit with plush texture, which is perfect for a cold winter.


champion x beams natural

champion x beams natural 2

Photo source: BEAMS


It is also available in natural cream color. And there is a large Champion logo at the back of the jacket.


The collection will be available in October and November. You can now pre-order on Beam’s website.


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