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News – A Ma Maniére x Nike Air Force 1

A Ma Maniére means “My Way” in French. The French clothing label embodies the idea that individuals are influenced by their culture. Working together with Nike, the A Ma Maniére x Nike Air Force 1 will be released on 7 December 2019. 


A Ma Maniére x Nike

Photo Source: A Ma Maniére

The design is about “Hand Wash Cold”. The whole sneakers are in “cold” color tone – black, grey and blue. And the details like the swoosh and tongue are hand washed to create used vintage effect.


Productions are limited. There will be 5,269 pairs of low top version and 5,914 pairs of high top versions.

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News – Nike x Travis Scott Air Force 1

The Nike x Travis Scott Air Force 1 is going to be released on 16 November 2019. The sneakers are no ordinary AF-1, it has a blend of multiple fabrics, including leather, duck canvas, corduroy, suede and wool. Travis Scott has used his creativity to create this contemporary sneakers with classic AF-1 silhouette. And it is all about the city of Missouri, Texas, where Travis spent his youth. And the name of the city is featured at the heel of the sneakers.


Nike x Travis Scott Air Force

Photo Source: Nike


The sneakers and its blend of fabric is all about Travis’s characteristic – durability and hard work. Apart from the multiple fabrics, this AF-1 features a detachable shoelace flap that is made of corduroy.


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News – G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Nike

G-Dragon’s own brand PEACEMINUSONE have teamed up with Nike for a crossover collection. The PEACEMINUSONE x Nike collection takes the style of Nike classic Air Force 1 sneakers. And it features PEACEMINUSONE signature logo of flowers all over the shoes.


Source from Sneaker News

The sneakers have a black upper with a white leather swoosh. There is a flower embroidery logo on the tongue. And Inside the sneakers, there is a crossed out “PEACEMINUSONE”.


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