Supreme New York store has been closed due to the end of leasing. This store located in 274 Lafayette Street has been Supreme’s original store since they started in April 1994. After 25 years, the store is now closed because it has reached the end of leasing. And the leasing agency are revealing an unconfirmed price of $70,000 USD a month. It is no doubt a sad news for Supreme’s fans. Yet, the good news is that Supreme’s store in 190 Bowery, New York will now be a permanent location.


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Photo Source: DropsByJay Twitter


Supreme is a well known skateboard and clothing brand from New York. It’s products are in high demand and has a solid high price in the secondhand market. It has a wide range of products, from clothing to accessories, tools and toys. More than that, it has a lot of crossover collections with the big names, such as Louis Vuitton.


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Source from DropsByJay Twitter

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