HAVEN x Mountain Research released their collaboration on 2nd April 2020. HAVEN was established in 2006 in Canada, while Mountain Research is a street wear brand started in Tokyo 25 years ago. The founder, Setsumasa Kobayashi first started the brand as General Research in 1994. Then, he renamed it as Mountain Research in 2006.


Photo Source: HAVEN


In this collaboration, they have created a special dual-brand logo. It has Mountain Research’s “Anarchy In The Mountain” ethos with the “H” of HAVEN.


HAVEN-MountainPhoto Source: HAVEN


The most iconic silhouettes is the vest jacket. This item is a fishing vest with a bomber jacket base. The fabric is a mix of cotton and nylon grosgrain, which is durable and light weight.


Also, HAVEN x Mountain Research collection also includes the Phisherman Trousers, hoodie and t-shirt. The price range is from CAD 60 to CAD 795.